Monday, August 5, 2013


Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb. Hey guys finally I'm in holiday so I've much time to make this blog comes alive hahaa ! We're still in Ramadan right! And less than 3 days we'll celebrate The Eid Mubarak. I spent almost a whole of Ramadan days and of course my fasting times with the collage daily activities. Because my faculty hasn't changed the academic schedules, it's a pity ! I felt like a beggar for a holiday few days ago. But, now I think it's better full of schedules in Ramadan than just doing nothing and feel thirsty and hungry. Anyway from June to July was such a busy day cause I need to attended lot of exams, assigments, and organization activities. Yes, finally I decided to join an organization called LEM in my faculty. This is my big decision, and I must get all the consequences that I'll lost my weekend or holiday for the organization activities. I also need to balance with my regular activities and I dont want to disturb my own studies with my own decision.

3rd August yep my birthday :D ok now I'm 19 and I can't believe that next year my age will be starts with 'two'. It's kind a scary tale! it creeps me out. I think a proverb that wrote 'age doesn't define maturity' is a real state of life. I even can't going everywhere without my parents. Oh gosh I really need to be a real woman. My first wish list for this birthday is 'be an expert driver for both motorcycle and car' Yes this is my high resolution since a long time ago and there are no progress -_- Please pray for me and my driving abillity
This birthday isn't a really special birthday but I feel so happy cause there are lot friends gave me the birthday greeting. When they remember my birthday and care of me it's just enough for me. No matter about the gift or something.

By the way I'll share my latest graphic design. I really interested with the magical of photoshop tools so far haha.. So maybe I'll post my graphic design pict more than my pencil/ water color draw. But I still hope that can draw again someday and post it! Thankiest for all my readers ! Happy holiday before my words disturb you :*


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