Sunday, November 21, 2010

merapi eruption, art work this week, idul adha

Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 26 October 2010

I just woke up when i knew that merapi erupted. I turned on my tv and i am so shocked again when i know mbah maridjan was die ! #Ohmygod 
So the next day i went to school and all of my friends+my teacher told about that. It was scary tale.
check this out ! the volcanic ash covered the car and road

Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 05 November 2010

 This day was really really scary ! You will never forget it !
at 24:00 I still slept when the high eruption was coming. Then my father woke me from slept then he told me that "It's earthquake". I'm not really understand what earthquake and what happened. So i felt it. The windows still wiggle and the volcano's sounds was really scary. And the safe area was extended to 20 km ! I felt so lucky coz my home is about 25-30 km.
After that My mom told me that she must went ot Maguwoharjo stadium for evacuated the survivor. I felt too scary if I stay at home alone. So I followed my Mom,Father,and my brother went to the stadium. It's so frightened and you know it's creepy ! 
Not a long time volcanic ash rain, sand rain, moreover pebbles rain was coming ! Oh my God ! It's so creepy 
I stayed at stadium until at 4.00 am then i back to home and stayed in my home.But my mom still at stadium to helped the survivor coz my mom is Sleman health department head "kepala dinas" maksud saye wkwkwkkkwk ancur+abal bener deh ini englishnya. LOL
I take few pictures, check this out ! I took the picture at 6.00 pm, 6 October 2010

In the whole of day 27,28,29,30, until now we are change to " Monster mask " hahaha. I think all of Yogyakarta peoples especially Sleman change to " Monster Mask", because all of them used mask.

It's so scary coz we are like escape to 'Volcano Movie' and the volcano ready to destroy us ! Tapi  yang paling penting Alhamdulillah kita semua dapat selamat ! :))


Ok guys kita balik ke art aja deh daripada creepy sendiri inget- inget itu lagi
Ok check this out ....................

Sooooooooooooooooo berantakan

kalau yang ini agak geje sih wkwkkwkw bukan agak tapi sangat geje --"

who ?

alakazam dubidam --"

Ok come on PRAY FOR INDONESIA guys 

Oh iya hampir aja kelupaan. SELAMAT IDUL ADHA  ya guys ! yok yok qurban
http://www.emocutez.comkasian para sapi dan sejawatnya ini adalah hari pembantaian mereka wkkwkkwkwkwk, tapi mereka akan lebih bahagia di surga hahahaha
http://www.emocutez.comHarusnya Om Obama dateng waktu idul adha aja, kan banyak teeeeee sateeeeeeee

 ok bye see you ext post.... :))
it's long post ever hahahaha

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