Friday, August 26, 2011

too late

hello guys this is too late update my blog hehehe... Yeah I still fasting now but I know isn't a problem and reason to down. And I wanna say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY COUNTRY" selamat ulang tahun Indonesia. I know its too late but I hope no corruption again. Everyday I turn on my tv and the news is all about corrupt and whatever I dunno "I don't understand actually" hehehe. SO I proud be a Indonesian, doesn't matter people say you're weird or whatever but I love uuuuu so much *hug LOL
That's 2 pict and the second is specially for AYYA hehehe. Semoga kamu suka ay tapi itu masih g rapi -__- sangat g rapi lebih tepatnya. Soalnya gambar untuk orang lain sama untuk sendiri tekanannya lebih beda wakakkakaka. Terimakasih semuaaaaa :* baibai
have a nice holiday !!!

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