Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hallyu ~

Hello world ! As you know korean wave was killing everyone and you know this is like a black hole and we can't handle or out from this wave.... Actually I love kpop specially superjunior since I was 15 years old but not really addicted. And then this year is really freaking me out ! I can surfed youtube a whole of day just for watched superjunior act,stage,interview or their funniest habit lol...In fact this kpop wave or "hallyu" stolen my heart but I only focus in superjunor world or elf world. ELF is everlasting friends named for superjunior fans. I dunno why but really love them their face,their voice, their stage, their habit,behavior,affection,and their style of course. But I have new idols for fashion yep they are GD and TOP from bigbang! I think they are have a good taste in fashion. But I just love their fashion because I love superjunior more hehehehe.May be some peoples thought that this is weird and they thought kpop is so odd than western music or blabla but I don't care this is cool in my eyes and I love it! oo baby ottoke baby ~

Bigbang GD & TOP
Lee donghae superjunior "my husband" lol

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