Saturday, October 15, 2011

60s 80s

Last night I opened Tavi's blog and I found nice film,video,and musical over there. I said nice because I think it looks so grisly ! lol but seriously I look that picture like looking a thriller film or movie, I dont know why it's horrible moreover in St. Vincent "Cruel" mv. The little girl is a killer ??!
May be for some people not really like this. May be boring or blabla..but you guyssss you must see their clothes, their fashion is really good. Yap vintage ! Bingo I want watch this video because I want see their fashion and stuff. Cool If I can get all of their stuffs...huhuhahahauhuhu
I think this post will be little bit like a fried chicken,oh chicken ? I mean crunchy kriuk kriuk kriuk....-__- No matter what movie you choose but trust me thriller is the best one hehehehe... Arghhh my english is horrible too wahahaha XD
btw.. check this out
The music video of St Vincent "Cruel". Okay you must watch it... Give me your answer ! Who is the killer in this mv ? 

The other is "Cry Baby" a musical film and Johnny Depp here... He looks more fresh and young of course....

move to 60s yeah look at their fashion... For sure I love it !


daily drawing

see you ! :D

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