Wednesday, November 9, 2011

holiday - idul adha

     heey! Yeay finally I have this Eid holiday !!! yes last Sunday was Idul Qurban or called Idul Adha and I'm free from school horeeyy!! Ah but you know I'm in the last grade now and I must study hard,and don't always thinking for holiday...So wish for me and I can be success in UN and SNMPTN. I haven't plan for this holiday and when I write this post is already in the last holiday uggh late yeah. I like bruno song "lazy song" yeah it's describe me now yayaya just eat cake,chocolate,candy,and gummy then sleep or watching tv then update my twitter make some noisy with my crazy finger. 

   Btw..I was really busy last week to produced my school films project for mahamentor's competition. I have my own video and I think it's too horrible my face wahahahaha. I told that in 10 years I want be a famous blogger hehehe. This competition is about our dream and we still fighting to win this competition, because after they confirmed that our school in Top 10 we must continue the competition. The next competition will be more tense, we must come to an event in JEC (Jogja Expo Center) and then vote the best school film project from our ticket or sms but the ticket point is more than sms. So I will fighting for our passion. You can check our video in this site and don't forget to come in JEC and vote my school ! I need your help :D thankyou........

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