Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a late post

Hello I am so sorry for this late update and post. I got diarrhea now hehehehehe XD But fine I'll collect my mood to do it coz its too long. My stomach is really crazy! My abdomen system like a roller coaster and I almost cry -,- Toilet is my best friend now puiiiih....

BYTHEWAY merry christmas ! God bless you all ! AND happy new year !!!! Hope next will be more amazing... I wrote it in my task book  hehe feel so bored 

Then I feel so dumbfounded now..yeah about something or may be someone kyakyakya I think I can't say dumbfounded but a sadness for me. Whatever life goes on!
Don't ask me it's about love -____- 
Hey I find a good quotes from my husband Lee Dong Hae super junior.Yeah I like him so much ! Looking for his video every day and checking all his daily activity...OMG..yeah fangirling is my job now hohoho

"If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours, if it doesn't it never was." - donghae

 I have holiday now after burning my brain in exam. Yeay!!! But this is still creepy I always thinking about UNAS! and UNIVERSITY! OH GOD HELP ME! give me a special gift = success at all ! Amiiiiiiiiiiiiin come on guys pray for me :"(
I must study hard now and use this holi holiday for study,study,course,course,course.... exactly a nerd. I have tryout last week but I think the score will be make so frustrated. I never feel so dumb in the last grade like this huh.... spirit!

I don't want this holiday become so flat, so I make some collages yeay... see you next post ! baibai

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