Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hellohaa again ! yea new project :) February  project ! Dream book already done ! check this out :) hmm I love this Saturday morning how about you ?



 monopoly multifunctional hahahahaha


hihihi actually this is part of my weekend project after my school outbond yesterday. Thanks for my girls and boys RVL&DCV it was really fun ! Of course my handsome and beautiful teachers. But unfortunately I couldn't some of games specially wet and sludge :( 

You know why ? hahahaha I feel so dumb I didn't bring ---something secret lol -_- yea I think I must prepare before but I forgot it the most things I shouldn't forget. And finally damn I only could see my friend played with mud from a chair. Damn damn I wanna play!
But overall it was really fun and you know the scenery is woooow beautiful ! Then my team got the highest score for the games and jjang!!! We are the champion ! 1st winner hihihi~ Onta Onta Onta team *read: camel camel camel team

I wanna laying on my bed today after the busy week before. I have 2 good news lol. The good news
1. My 5jib A version  Donghae arrived huuuf finally after almost 7 months maybe -..-

2. Year book photo session already done..I'll share the photos in the next post hehe

See you next post or I'll destroy your weekend with my bad grammar lol ;) Have a great weekend friends *kisshug thankyouuuu

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