Thursday, April 26, 2012

my first video

This is my first "stopmotion" video and my first time to work a video project own. I think I can be vomiting after worked this video a whole of day. I  asked my friend Tita about video, and she introduced me to this stopmotion world. Thanks Tit!
By the way.. This video is tell about "Why I chose Superjunior and Bigbang" LOL. Yea cause I want make this video to tell the world that I love SJ and my Bigb SO MUCH hahahaha.. Calm down......................
Finally this my vid !!!! 
Check this out and don't forget to like this video :) Thanksss

credit & subbed by :  (via: halimah @ fb)

*Don't ask me I'll attend ss4ina or not -,-

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