Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I wanna back to this age, this time, this atmosphereee. I can rolling idly, sleepover, laugh without a problem, and still like an angel. Take me fly away from this earth. I want fly away and feel the air without problem, responsibility or obligation. I've a lot of problems... of course all peoples have it. I really doubt.. and I don't know what should I do now. I've a lot of dreams and I want to fly to reach for. But, life cycle decided otherwise. We'll meet all problems and temptations in our life and dream isn't exception.. We must grow mature, we must grow old. God gives us all of happiness and sadness in our life. God gives us fate and destiny. Although some peoples said that we can't change our fate or destiny but, I bet that life isn't mean like that. And God created this universe a lot of mystery and we can't reach. 
I think the simple ways to our problem are calm and stay. Solve all the problems. Solve all the matters. Stay positive, focus, don't blame our life and God. God just wants to know how is our passion... how is the way.. to solve our problems... Don't doubt to reach your happiness and dreams ! Make your own..Pray for our life and dreams :)

My childhood ................... ha ha ha check this out

birthday cake
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Can you see my monkey ?
Mama I want be a doctor
Mas Ecink, Me, My brother, Mb Dian... This is my second times in Seaworld lol
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