Monday, June 25, 2012


Express work tonight ! 
Paper ship on the top

Can you pinch me ? Tomorrow is graduation night Oh My Goodness please gimme special night ever. Everyone wants to be amazing and pretty but I want to be the coolest one lol. I don't know but tomorrow will be a busy day. Rehearsal at 07.30,make up, and jjang!! the show lol I called it show ! The graduation night will be held in Grand Pasific at 07.00 pm so will you come guys and see my turn ? Hahaha :P You must spend your IDR 25.000 and you will watch my school orchestra too. By the way do you guys ever thought about die young ? No no I am not desperate and want to slice my wrist with knife hahaha I tell about this music video by The Band Perry - If I Die Young
SEE YOU ~ God bless us ! 

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