Monday, July 16, 2012


NEED MORE ! come to me and gimme your sign 
 Anyway I've nothing to do now, I gonna post some random picts here LOL~ just describe how's my life in holiday bahahaha..I'm so happy now I just finished the driving courses, thankyou, finally I know where the 'gas' button is ! I'll always remember this :
"kopling --->rem" "kopling--->gas" "kopling--->gigi satu--->kopling--->gigi dua" -___- YEA I was so nervous at all but I did it I did it I could keep the car moved moved ! Good achievement for a girl who never drive a car before hahaha
terimakasih ihihi ^^ very good experience

cute toys CLICK

Untitledturn onUntitled



I'm sleepy see you goodnight~ baibai 

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