Wednesday, July 4, 2012

piggy wiggy

no name | canvas

Hello~~~ still in holiday right ? ^^ I've no plan for this super long holiday after my graduation, how about you guys ? I feel so bored but this is big consequence for new born college student and still waiting for snmptn announce and result. But I've no idea lol~ just go ahead and stay positive. Anyway this is my new work ^^ I'm so happy my mom bought this cake again for me yumm redvelvet from chez moi (*read : smoa ? idk) =))

Bytheway I'm so enthusiastic now hehehe, finally superjunior released their 6th album yeay and bingo I'm going to get their album after craved my motha to gimme 75000 rupiahs and spent my own 200000 rupiahs T__T that's so precious if you in KERE situation LOL *kere: no money
Ok see ya next post :* cheer up ! chill out guys !

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