Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hello guys I'm back hoho after my last post about my birthday and now I'm coming with 2 special euphorias. This month is really a precious month (of course include my birthday lol) because there are 2 celebrations are held. There are my country independence day yea happy birthday Indonesia you're 67th now ! I hope we don't have other corruption crime again. Please. And the second ones is EID Mubarak !!! Yes! Finally we've done our fasting and one month is feeling so fast now. I can't wait for eid celebration tomorrow, tomorrow ! Please forgive me from all my mistakes that I've done and don't forget guys we'll hunt for "THR" tomorrow rofl~ yes usually in Indonesia we're young buddies will get like money tips from older people; parents, grandparents, uncle, etc.That's great right ? I'll collect them. 

But the other side I must prepare my self to step in a new life, new reality that I'm a collage student now, and next 29th August I'll join first school orientation. Yes please pray for me. I feel so nervous for it.

Anyway jjang ~~ this is my new work umm I bet this is not really good than before

Untitledsecond face
second face
second face

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