Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the end of freedom

Hey guys wassup~ How is your eid holiday ? is it great ? And how about your money tips ? Lmaoo..Anyway I got a great eid holiday instead ummm but wait..can i change it quite great hehe~ Yeah I went to Indrayanti beach again last Thursday, this is my second time right.. I went to the another beach but I still forget the name is, but it is in the same location with Indrayanti. The beach was so crowded yes because it was holiday, alright you can see the differences with my beach holiday post before. Then I went to rafting on Friday in Magelang "Elo river", yeah it's the great one, I was so enthusiastic because it was my first time yeay~ My mom went to this place before and she persuades me my bro and my big fams..then here we came~ the river trip was so fun and exciting, big tense big energy. It is about 12 km more and of course so tired, we must kept moving the oar. Finally we returned home with mix feelin, tired fun happy scary. Thankyou so much momy...
But I am so upset because this 2 holidays were coming in wrong days. Because I must get orientation next week *yes currently now, I can't get my freedom anymore~ This day is my last freedom day. Tomorrow I'll go to my new school and jjang I can't write my feeling I lost my words...baibai see you ~ this is epic story I'm sorry and my bad grammar is the true sorry -__-
LOL the red circle is me ngahahahha~
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Sunset. Way to home from beach~~~
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My fav eid cake called "janagel" a traditional cake. My Grandma made it for me yeay~

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