Sunday, November 4, 2012

RETURN - new life journey

OK inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale. HOW ARE YOU GUYS WASSUP ! its been a long long time I'm not updating here right ? No October's post :( And I know it will be the only beginning of my new life in medical faculty. Since I had orientation at first till now I feel so crazy check out my schedules, yes omg this is so hard I even can spend my weekend holiday for university activities, discussion, and assignment. Everyday is learning = tutorials, big classes, then be a nerd girl. Library is my favourite crib now. But this is my responsibility. I must do and work or I'll be kick as a notorious donkey. 

Now the consequences I must study harder, work harder, and memorize quickly lol~ yes specially for anatomy class, I need big struggles for any temptations hahaha. Smart, diligent, and active are the good modals. But life isn't about to study with book and memorize them then you know it completely. You need to understand them. 

Learn isn't a tape recorder but we turn our video games.

I've so much stories to tell, and some are epic and so complex. As a medical student I must make friendship and chillin' with cadaver yes cadaver. "They're your lectures" my seniors always said about it everyday when I got orientation. And jjang finally I met him in second day of orientation and the senior gave me a mission. Him ? Yes my lecture a.k.a cadaver is a guy. I through a dark room like a haunted house and my eyes felt so bad that now I know it was formalin. Then I yelled at my senior what happen to my eyes, so ached rofl~ but they were keep killer and so irritated. Ok calm down mafiga then I touched my lecture who lied down on a kind of metal bedstead, there was only one candle for light in that room and I just realized that I'm alone! I touched his right thigh- right hand- and I moved to other side but I couldn't see his head though ! it was so dark. We were prohibited to carrying the candle crossed the cadaver. I thought I'm so so so lucky I found small paper written "urethritis". Omg mission accomplished ! Of course I found it in his trousers (I dunno he still wearing trousers or not but I think he is) -_- that part, yea you can imagine where's urethritis in right. I feel so dumb why I didn't think just in that part and wasted my time to touched his hand, foot, blablabla. I even stunned looking his boots -_- yes my lecture still wearing boots. I don't know it was boots or somethin' because I couldn't see correctly but I saw it like a boots or his skin ? hmm. I know my senior laughed at me if she/he was there. Then I walked out and jjang it wasn't over ! they're a.k.a seniors waited us outside, uugh ok but I found the weapon "urethritis paper" rofl~ 

So much fun in my orientation and I love my group lol we even couldn't serious in every sec, we couldn't form a line and the seniors always annoyed about our group name lol but the impact is we'll famous. Whatever, the important is we're enjoy and happy hahaha. I'll always remember that day. 

I've other story about other orientation umm may be called familiarity night idk. After may be 5 weeks learned as a medical student, I joined familiarity night in Tawangmangu. Umm quite great hehe I love the weather there. Then the first night we had a night adventure, I thought it'll be scary buttt it was only tiring huhu.. The second day we had a trip  and outbond to waterfall and you knowwww it was so so tiring over all and the route isn't as simple as I thought before. You can die slipped in the valley -_- yes may be like that. But it was good experience and I've lot of new friends.

I want tell the other big stories about my new life now but I think its enough ahahahaha this post will be so long. This Sunday morning, I'm deliberately spending time for drawing and sketching. I miss my world for drawing, sketchin', and blogging. But I should know I've other responsibility for my future now. Be a five stars doctor *took from my faculty vision lmaooo.. God bless us! Amieen............. :*

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