Saturday, November 24, 2012


Cloudy day, raining weather is coming! Yeay I'm back baby, I think must post something in this raining day like evita did lol~ my blogger spirit is suddenly running while reading new evitanuh's blog post. I love this weather anyway. Although I'll get trouble like sick flu,fever,etc or inconvenient when walk at school to move another building. But I really love this gloomy day and feel like oh man it's so fresh with the rain drops. I think I'm actually a polar bear that jailed in tropical country. Now the important things are keep your health and please make sure that you eat healthy foods everyday so as you'll always fit in this weather. *my doctor soul is coming suddenly.  You can also wear a comfy outfit so you'll feel so well when raining comes then you feel like ice. Last are: 1. Don't forget to bring umbrella ,and 2. Consume vitamin ! You'll need it so far. :)

By the way I'm so happy super happy now yuhuu finally I've weekend ! After 2 weeks with no time for holiday or hangout with my friends. I just finished exam and blablabla too much activities hahaha. And it was my first exam experience as a medical student lol~ I feel doubt with the score but whatever it was finally done.
In this month I learn about nervous system so of course I get anatomy class almost everyday with a half of cadaver's head or just an original human brain -_- ouch..I like anatomy class but I really hate the formalin's smell. The most scary parts in anatomy class are pretest and minitest that I should do almost everyday too :'( This class is really complicated. Pray for my anatomy class~

Check this out guysss, I love AJ Rafael since 2 years ago maybe. He is a multi-talented filipino descent musician, I can spend my time a whole of day just for watch his cover video. AJ started his carrier in music with covering video and upload it on youtube. Now his fame is the result of his passion many years ago. He lives in US now and makes a great music there. And I think his life is like high school musical stories because his friends are awesome in music too..Cathy Nguyen, Jesse Barrera, JRA, Albertposis, Andrew Garcia, etc. Love them! Sadly, I couldn't watch his concert in Jakarta last year :( I promise someday. You can find his videos here. This song can accompanies you when raining hahaha..see you :*

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