Saturday, December 22, 2012


HAPPY HOLIDAY everyone ! really heading for it hehe, and finally I get 4 days off from anatomy, tutorials, exam, and blabla etc..I hope you're guys who still in senior high please enjoy your life there, because the next level in university is harder and of course you need to have big responsibility. Accept it! lol
I just finished my exam yesterday, and yesterday is a super holy day 21-12-2012 right! People kept telling about the rumor "doomsday" but for me yeah sure yesterday is kind of doomsday because it was an exam! I've read the news about the dark day will comes for about three days after the "doomsday" yesterday. But as we can see now, nothing happens and I only felt the rain drops on Friday. Then last night suddenly I got a little trouble 'headache'. 
This week is totally awkward and joyful though it's just one night of joyfully haha.. Officially I had about 4 days off before the exam to prepare anything. But yeah I still had to go for anatomy everyday. No problem, may be I'll be smarter after ^w^ The joyful is I went to hivi concertooooo last Tuesday night! moreover I  could met them in the backstage! because my friend is febri's relation (febri : one of hivi members). I felt so happy that night although so sad missed out ezra's sign!! how cannn lol, I couldn't think anything clearly because I was too enthusiastic met them. Then I couldn't find my markers in my bag oh damnnnn, but thankyou guys hihi.. 
I want to make some artwork in this holiday but may be I'll show you to the next post, xiexie-baibai
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