Friday, February 22, 2013



Heyhoo.! Guess what !? Finally I've my holiday and it's about 3 weeks yeah nice right! I'm really really happy because I've passed my medical skill exams or 'Objective structured clinical examination' (OSCE) for 11 stations pffft and now it's really free-day hahaha..I'm so so so so glad and I think should do something good in this holiday before the next semester although I know that my first IP or score will be out this week/ next week hoho. I wish it's more than 3.00! Yes everyone wants it. The most scary thing is after this holiday I will learn a new block jjjang 'cardiovascular' think that I don't understand about circulatory -_- aha. But it's such a challenge to me, positive thinking and do it happy, wohooo! Last week I did a photograph scene and project with my friend Tita and she's my best photographer ! I'll share it next time till I do so much magnificento snapshoooots. Because I'm still not confident to dressy and do a style shoot hehe. If you wanna take some photographs you can contact her then book the day. She has a mini studio in her house and it's super nice!
Anyway as always I try to drawing something this week. I'm trying to draw geometric line which is makes three dimension touch to my project. And surfing on instagram is a really good idea and choice because I got tons of inspirations from it. Bingo! 

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