Wednesday, February 27, 2013

End of Feb 2013

Happy Thursday and end of our Feb,2013 for all man's in this universe ! I really got a lot lot of prizes from Allah lately, meanwhile I got few things still in trouble. But I'm so thankful and proud of my self. May be for some peoples this is so usual but for me this is my first time hahaha. So what's it ? Umm it's about my last score that I've told before. And I got more than B so it's so amazing for me, I never get it before for the medical studies. "More than B" is kind of grace. I can't be calm and sorry it's so overrr but ok calm now hehe..
Anyway I've finished my new artwork and inspirated by Emma Watson. Yes! I like this girl and her beauty in Harry Potter movie is definitely true. But I don't wanna talk about her wardrobe malfunction hahaha lol I know it's annoying. At least she's so beautiful. I think it's a simple draw for me and as always my obstacle is 'realism' make real make it alive. I can't make a super real draw/portrait, I should work harder and need lot of practices, promise it :)

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