Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seize the day

It's been a long time since my last post on February hahaha.. So much reasons and stories to share with you guys and I don't know how to start it from hehe. I feel like donkey lately after the first week turned new semester in my Univ and finished the first block on last Tuesday with an exam. Then I need to finish 3 more. This is like a trilogy. You choose - You try - You get the consequence. I choose to be medical student and I should know everything in it. Do the consequence and work everything with responsibility.
Bytheway, I really really miss this blog-ing time. Write a stupid story and usually something that can't describe with a good grammar lol. I do so much fun here. Express my artwork include disturb you with my fool grammar/ vocab :p

I just realized that it's almost 1 year I've been a student in medical faculty. Sadness, kindness,trouble, all of them are my fellow. Sometimes, I think that there're full of obstacles and feel like despair or abandon. But this is my way, this is my choice. I started it with fire so I should done it with perfect process and conclusion. At least I feel satisfied. I can't lie that need something which is can encourage me. This is kinda joke that everyone tells me to have a boyfie lol. Yes I know what they talked about but I think it's not my primary goal right now. I do so much fun with my 'single' statue and still enjoying with them. When someone ask me "are u normal?" YES of course I'm normal. Hahaha that's an awkward question I ever had.

Last month I went to two kinds of concerts, and that was so freaking me out. I felt like an absurd teen who did an insane thing bahahaha.. But I really love this time! Scream and dance like a fanatic. I got a free ticket with my friend sasya at the first concert and the second ones I bought a vvip ticket :p I even thought to watch another concert but seriously that's warning code in my pocket. On the other hand, April was such a busy month. I just got my weekend holiday today and last week was such an amazing busy day with no holiday. I hate the schedule moreover the last week of the first block. That was a holocaust hehe..#ups But overall I could arrange my day and did something fun in a super busy month.
I worked many artworks though ~ a busy month can't destroy my finger and snap my right brain to stop drawing and drawing. Draw is my routinity. And below are some of my instagram picts.

Right now I really need to fresh my mind. I want to go shopping or hunting quirky things. I just want them in my life right now hahaha. Sleep over with a glass of blended greentea. Relaxing from medical book is always amazinggg! :p
See you next post ! I love you dear all readers :*

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